Over the last few days, I have spoken a lot about the many tv shows that are related to business that I enjoy. Some of the shows that I have spoken about I have really enjoyed, but I have noticed that many of my readers (if I even have any) haven’t spoken much about some of the shows they enjoy, or if they enjoy some of the shows I do. I am interested to know what shows my readers enjoy, and how much – if any – they enjoy some of the shows spoken about.

The Apprentice is a big deal in the United Kingdom, and probably more important or watched than the one in America. I think this may be due to the United Kingdom version being a tad more serious than the American version. Until two years ago, the American version of the show had been hosted by Donald Trump until he became the president of America. Donald Trump was a bit of a joke to a lot of Americans, and the show itself seemed to be more about the entertainment and the failures more than the successes of the show itself. That is why they also had so many seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, and I think that probably hurt the show in the long run.

Undercover Bosses on the other hand became much more prominent in America than it had been in the United Kingdom for entirely the opposite reason. The show was produced and designed to highlight business owners and companies mistakes rather than for the entertainment value.

I want to know what some of our American and British readers think about either of these statements, and what they think of the shows themselves. I have always loved these shows, but I would like to hear some feedback and thoughts on the shows yourselves!

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