One of the TV shows that I really enjoy that is related quite heavily to business must be Undercover Bosses. I don’t know if any of you have heard of it if you live in the UK, because it wasn’t a very long-lasting show. In fact, I think the show itself only ran for a few seasons in the United Kingdom. But I will say that the U.S. version of the show had continued for a few decent years. The show itself had quite a simple premise, which was for the bosses and owners of large, multinational companies to pretend to be a new employee on the lowest of the ladder and see how their business operates from every level within every department. While it may sound contrived and slightly complex, the show itself was produced well, and was a warning sign for all hands-off business owners.

If you are a business owner, the truth is that you will never see every aspect and encounter your employees will have together and with customers. That means there could be huge blind spots that you will naturally be unaware about that is happening every day. This is a risk for all business owners, and unless you are a micro manager or controlling to the point that you will be putting off your employees, you will never see many of these encounters. Honestly, you will have to accept that not every interaction with your company to a customer or stakeholder will be a good one, and that is always a risk when it comes to hiring new employees. Undercover Bosses did a really good job when it came to show how the average customer of a specific company could be excelling at their customer service or sabotaging the business while being completely unaware.

Many times, when watching the show, you will see how badly employees can behave to customers, and I think many times they are completely unaware of how they are behaving. There are times however, where the employee knows that they are being extremely rude and dismissive, and truthfully, they do not care about their role or about the company that they are working for. There are more than a few clips on YouTube of this scenario, and as funny as it can be to watch as someone who is unattached from the business, it is bad for any business owner to see that for themselves and to have that go out on national television. But that is one of the risks of being on the show, and if anything, it only helps the company in the end even if it can be embarrassing at first.

I have my own loft conversions Manchester company and I have always wanted to do my own undercover boss moment. Many of my employees know who I am because I have worked with them for years, but one day I want to hire a few people for my team, wait a few months until they feel comfortable and adjusted within their roles and then observe how they behave. Since we are a loft conversion company, we are mostly in people’s homes and it can be very easy for a home owner to feel uncomfortable by builders who are working on the home. This is common, and I would like to see how new employees handle this.

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