One of my favourite television shows that I really enjoy today is the Apprentice. People say that the first seasons of the apprentice was considered incredibly factual, informative and professional in terms of the contestants they had on the show and their own business proposals, but I don’t remember that ever being the case really. I remember even in the first season they had contesters that were clearly invited onto the show to provide drama and intentional fuck ups. They wanted to create terrible or cringeworthy moments so that people would talk about the show and turn others to it, so they could laugh at the dick head who looked stupid and said dumb things. The Apprentice was never designed to create the next best businessman, or to provide investment and funds towards this innovative and amazing potential product. It was and still is a cash prize that the producers and the host of the show knows will never pick up, but the actual amount of money given to the winner will be paid back in advertisements that the show manages to gain.

You can really tell that the show follows a formula because there seems to be the same type of character every season. My favourite of these characters is always the one absolute idiot who seems to think that they are the new Del-boy. There is always one who thinks that they can sell water to the ocean and within three episodes they put their foot in their own mouth and get exposed to the nation. My favourite is when the guy who thinks he is gods gift to business always gets the price wrong, or they manage to undersell a product they think they can sell easily. They always look like they are caught out completely in their own lie, and it’s always great to see.

I also find that you can see who the best businessman or woman is within the first three episodes. Most of the time you would find them to be quiet and performing consistently if not remarkably. By the 6th or 7th episode, they are usually the one that comes up with a great idea or manages to push through a project that they should be losing. Every season has a favourite that the nation knows will win, or at the very least knows is the strongest member of their team. I find that the best candidates also spot where the weaknesses are in a specific project or their team, and most often they have a product or service that while it is clear they will not break ground in the real world, usually has a USP or something special that stands out from the other products in contention.

Finally, I will say that it is clear a lot of what happens in the Apprentice is clearly manipulated to looks a specific way. I refuse to believe that they can find 16 – 18 people who are constantly arguing and look like absolute knob heads especially at the age of 25-30. Very rarely would you find a job where the whole team within a certain department or section would manage to argue with each other over every little aspect of a product or service. However, with The Apprentice they somehow always manage to find all these people with clashing personalities and always disagree.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today’s blog. I hope you manage to read some of the past and future posts I will be making too!

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