Here at Dish Television, I have quite a lot invested in the television business show industry because I am a business owner myself. I have become in love with television shows about businesses around the world because as a business owner, not only can I see the hard work that has been put in by both the business owner and those who are judging them. This may sound slightly crazy or even somewhat self-important, but I think that I can sympathize with everyone because I have been in both positions at some point in my life. A show like Dragons Den for example is one that I can sympathise with quite largely, as I have been a business owner of a product that may not be considered extremely unique or special enough for anyone to invest in, while I have also been in the position of being asked to invest in a project that I was unsure of and had to reject. I also have been in the position to offer my services and financial help with products form small business owners that had a product they were desperate to sell, so I know how it feels on both ends.

There are some informative and interesting T.V. shows that can be fun to watch for a business owner or even someone who wishes to own their own business or sell a product one day. While they may not be the most helpful for the potential business owners – especially the ones that end quite badly – there may still be a good lesson for those who are watching to learn. This includes anything from potential flaws within products that they are selling to overlooking important aspects of businesses or services. There are also important aspects to be learnt when it comes to running the business itself, such as ensuring that the budgets are in proportion to what you are looking to expand or run. There are also tax implications and potential logistic problems that business owners need to learn as well. These may not seem important, but even knowing how the supply chain would work or what roads they would be using can be imperative if you are running in a JIT (Just In Time) system.

There is still so much any business owner could learn, and even a horribly dramatized show such as The Apprentice is important. While it may sound obvious to those who are watching, learning how you may look stupid or uninformed during a pitch or selling a product or service will damage any potential business owner. Even not knowing how to properly speak to a customer or potential partner would do serious damage to a business owner. If you look like you are unaware of your own product or company, then you would not look like a good person to work with or for. Not being able to trust yourself – or give the perception that you do not trust yourself – is the most damaging aspect of any business.

I hope you enjoyed todays post. I cannot wait to start getting into detail about some shows. The Apprentice and even Dragons Den can be fun to talk about because of the people that appear in the show, but also because of the many things that are always available to learn about. I hope you stick around for some of the future posts too.

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