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Over the last few days, I have spoken a lot about the many tv shows that are related to business that I enjoy. Some of the shows that I have spoken about I have really enjoyed, but I have noticed that many of my readers (if I even have any) haven’t spoken much about some of the shows they enjoy, or if they enjoy some of the shows I do. I am interested to know what shows my readers enjoy, and how much – if any – they enjoy some of the shows spoken about.

The Apprentice is a big deal in the United Kingdom, and probably more important or watched than the one in America. I think this may be due to the United Kingdom version being a tad more serious than the American version. Until two years ago, the American version of the show had been hosted by Donald Trump until he became the president of America. Donald Trump was a bit of a joke to a lot of Americans, and the show itself seemed to be more about the entertainment and the failures more than the successes of the show itself. That is why they also had so many seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, and I think that probably hurt the show in the long run.

Undercover Bosses on the other hand became much more prominent in America than it had been in the United Kingdom for entirely the opposite reason. The show was produced and designed to highlight business owners and companies mistakes rather than for the entertainment value.

I want to know what some of our American and British readers think about either of these statements, and what they think of the shows themselves. I have always loved these shows, but I would like to hear some feedback and thoughts on the shows yourselves!

Undercover Bosses!

One of the TV shows that I really enjoy that is related quite heavily to business must be Undercover Bosses. I don’t know if any of you have heard of it if you live in the UK, because it wasn’t a very long-lasting show. In fact, I think the show itself only ran for a few seasons in the United Kingdom. But I will say that the U.S. version of the show had continued for a few decent years. The show itself had quite a simple premise, which was for the bosses and owners of large, multinational companies to pretend to be a new employee on the lowest of the ladder and see how their business operates from every level within every department. While it may sound contrived and slightly complex, the show itself was produced well, and was a warning sign for all hands-off business owners.

If you are a business owner, the truth is that you will never see every aspect and encounter your employees will have together and with customers. That means there could be huge blind spots that you will naturally be unaware about that is happening every day. This is a risk for all business owners, and unless you are a micro manager or controlling to the point that you will be putting off your employees, you will never see many of these encounters. Honestly, you will have to accept that not every interaction with your company to a customer or stakeholder will be a good one, and that is always a risk when it comes to hiring new employees. Undercover Bosses did a really good job when it came to show how the average customer of a specific company could be excelling at their customer service or sabotaging the business while being completely unaware.

Many times, when watching the show, you will see how badly employees can behave to customers, and I think many times they are completely unaware of how they are behaving. There are times however, where the employee knows that they are being extremely rude and dismissive, and truthfully, they do not care about their role or about the company that they are working for. There are more than a few clips on YouTube of this scenario, and as funny as it can be to watch as someone who is unattached from the business, it is bad for any business owner to see that for themselves and to have that go out on national television. But that is one of the risks of being on the show, and if anything, it only helps the company in the end even if it can be embarrassing at first.

I have my own loft conversions Manchester company and I have always wanted to do my own undercover boss moment. Many of my employees know who I am because I have worked with them for years, but one day I want to hire a few people for my team, wait a few months until they feel comfortable and adjusted within their roles and then observe how they behave. Since we are a loft conversion company, we are mostly in people’s homes and it can be very easy for a home owner to feel uncomfortable by builders who are working on the home. This is common, and I would like to see how new employees handle this.

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Dragons Den

I am always going to love the different television shows that are based around business. Last post I spoke a bit about the apprentice, and I funnily enough met the season 15 winner of the Apprentice. His name is Mark Wright, and the man is nice in real life, so it was a shame that they tried to make him look slightly bad on the T.V. show. Another T.V. show that I wanted to talk about however is the popular T.V. show Dragons Den. Dragons Den is a real fun show to watch, just because of how stupid it can be at times. I don’t mean that it is in the same vein as The Apprentice can be with the blatant manipulation of footage and dramatisation for no reason, but it can still be quite funny.

Dragons Den is an informative programme if you are thinking of starting your own business, especially if you have an idea for a product or service you are not entirely sure would be successful. This is even more important if you have a potential product, as you can see from the way people are grilled and have very little to no answers how much promise a product really has. Many times, the people that are going onto dragon’s den are doing so with a new product or service that has yet to be really tried and tested, and the appearance on the show is their first. That is part of the reason the show can be informative, as you can begin to understand how to question your product or service without being biased. You can also learn how much testing and analysis needs to go into a product before you decide that it is ready to be sold.

Another great thing about Dragons Den is the negotiation part of the programme. If there is a product or service that one of the dragons finds to be good enough that they will invest their money in, you can usually tell how much faith a business owner will have in their own product by how large a percentage they are willing to lose. Many times, they go on the show only ready to lose 5 to 10% of their total profits. However, rarely do you see this happen. They instead decide that they are willing to give anywhere up to 50% of their product away. If one of these products were ever going to be multi-million-pound projects, you can tell that the business owner did not have that amount of faith, because you would not be willing to miss 50% of it.

Another thing to note when watching the show as a potential business owner is making sure that any projections are accurate, and not based of what you would like them to be. It is very easy to say that a product will be making millions of pounds in two years, but that is only if the best-case scenario is applied. Really, you want to undersell the product and its own potential as much as possible, both to look more realistic and to prepare yourself of how hard it can be as a start up company. Unfortunately, not many take this advice and instead do as much as they can to pump up their own product because they feel optimistic.

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The Apprentice

One of my favourite television shows that I really enjoy today is the Apprentice. People say that the first seasons of the apprentice was considered incredibly factual, informative and professional in terms of the contestants they had on the show and their own business proposals, but I don’t remember that ever being the case really. I remember even in the first season they had contesters that were clearly invited onto the show to provide drama and intentional fuck ups. They wanted to create terrible or cringeworthy moments so that people would talk about the show and turn others to it, so they could laugh at the dick head who looked stupid and said dumb things. The Apprentice was never designed to create the next best businessman, or to provide investment and funds towards this innovative and amazing potential product. It was and still is a cash prize that the producers and the host of the show knows will never pick up, but the actual amount of money given to the winner will be paid back in advertisements that the show manages to gain.

You can really tell that the show follows a formula because there seems to be the same type of character every season. My favourite of these characters is always the one absolute idiot who seems to think that they are the new Del-boy. There is always one who thinks that they can sell water to the ocean and within three episodes they put their foot in their own mouth and get exposed to the nation. My favourite is when the guy who thinks he is gods gift to business always gets the price wrong, or they manage to undersell a product they think they can sell easily. They always look like they are caught out completely in their own lie, and it’s always great to see.

I also find that you can see who the best businessman or woman is within the first three episodes. Most of the time you would find them to be quiet and performing consistently if not remarkably. By the 6th or 7th episode, they are usually the one that comes up with a great idea or manages to push through a project that they should be losing. Every season has a favourite that the nation knows will win, or at the very least knows is the strongest member of their team. I find that the best candidates also spot where the weaknesses are in a specific project or their team, and most often they have a product or service that while it is clear they will not break ground in the real world, usually has a USP or something special that stands out from the other products in contention.

Finally, I will say that it is clear a lot of what happens in the Apprentice is clearly manipulated to looks a specific way. I refuse to believe that they can find 16 – 18 people who are constantly arguing and look like absolute knob heads especially at the age of 25-30. Very rarely would you find a job where the whole team within a certain department or section would manage to argue with each other over every little aspect of a product or service. However, with The Apprentice they somehow always manage to find all these people with clashing personalities and always disagree.

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Business shows on TV!

Here at Dish Television, I have quite a lot invested in the television business show industry because I am a business owner myself. I have become in love with television shows about businesses around the world because as a business owner, not only can I see the hard work that has been put in by both the business owner and those who are judging them. This may sound slightly crazy or even somewhat self-important, but I think that I can sympathize with everyone because I have been in both positions at some point in my life. A show like Dragons Den for example is one that I can sympathise with quite largely, as I have been a business owner of a product that may not be considered extremely unique or special enough for anyone to invest in, while I have also been in the position of being asked to invest in a project that I was unsure of and had to reject. I also have been in the position to offer my services and financial help with products form small business owners that had a product they were desperate to sell, so I know how it feels on both ends.

There are some informative and interesting T.V. shows that can be fun to watch for a business owner or even someone who wishes to own their own business or sell a product one day. While they may not be the most helpful for the potential business owners – especially the ones that end quite badly – there may still be a good lesson for those who are watching to learn. This includes anything from potential flaws within products that they are selling to overlooking important aspects of businesses or services. There are also important aspects to be learnt when it comes to running the business itself, such as ensuring that the budgets are in proportion to what you are looking to expand or run. There are also tax implications and potential logistic problems that business owners need to learn as well. These may not seem important, but even knowing how the supply chain would work or what roads they would be using can be imperative if you are running in a JIT (Just In Time) system.

There is still so much any business owner could learn, and even a horribly dramatized show such as The Apprentice is important. While it may sound obvious to those who are watching, learning how you may look stupid or uninformed during a pitch or selling a product or service will damage any potential business owner. Even not knowing how to properly speak to a customer or potential partner would do serious damage to a business owner. If you look like you are unaware of your own product or company, then you would not look like a good person to work with or for. Not being able to trust yourself – or give the perception that you do not trust yourself – is the most damaging aspect of any business.

I hope you enjoyed todays post. I cannot wait to start getting into detail about some shows. The Apprentice and even Dragons Den can be fun to talk about because of the people that appear in the show, but also because of the many things that are always available to learn about. I hope you stick around for some of the future posts too.